Job Application

Admission Process

  • 01
    Document screening
  • 02
  • 03
    Final selection

Form of Title in the Job Application Form

Specification of application area in the subject line : e.g.)Clinical Team/CRA/OOO)

Documents for Submission

Application form provided by LSK Global PS, letter of self-introduction, and description form of career (for experienced candidate)
  • The applicant’s photo should be attached and an applying department should be specified. For experienced candidates, a description form of career should be prepared.
  • Submission of the application form provided by LSK Global PS
  • Please specify the salary desired.

※ The submitted documents shall not be returned and candidates unsuccessful in document screening shall not receive separate notification.

Contact Information of Human Resource Manager

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When is the hiring period for new hires and persons with work experience?
What happens after my employment application documents have been reviewed?
Is it possible for those expecting to graduate to apply for employment at your company?
Is it possible for overseas residents to seek employment at your company?
At the time of interview, do the documents for submission need to be originals?
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