Business Ethics

LSK Global PS is contributing to the development of new drugs and improving public health by realizing the core values ​​of Reliable CRO, Ethical & Transparent CRO.

Since all clinical trials affect the human body and are directly related to our lives, it must be complied with not only quality, but the high global ethical standards as required by the pharmaceutical industry.

LSK Global PS has been leading the ethics and compliance by operating ISO 37301(Compliance Management System) and ISO 37001(Anti-Corruption Management System) certification as a service provider of clinical trials, and having a dedicated compliance department.

LSK Global PS aims to establish the ethical culture with its employees and stakeholders by continuously developing its compliance program, expressing its commitment to business ethics externally. We ask for your active participation and practice.

Thank you.

Role & Responsibilities

1. Board of Directors
  • Appoint a Compliance officer
  • Direct and support compliance resources
2. President
  • Review compliance management
  • Create and support an environment to achieve goals
3. Compliance officer and staff
  • Manage the overall compliance program
4. Head of dept. and management
  • Cooperate with and supporting the Compliance officer
5. Executive and employees & Stakeholders
  • Comply with Company’s compliance obligation

Company Policy and Key Areas

Policies related Business Ethics
  • Charter of Ethics
  • Code of Conduct
  • Violation Report System Guidelines
  • Compliance Management System Manual
  • Anti-Bribery Management System Manual
Key Areas of Compliance Program
  • Regulations and institutional management
  • Departmental activities such as compliance risk identification/control
  • Monitoring & Internal audit, Annual audit operations
  • Management review
  • Education and communication

LSK Global Pharma Services Co., Ltd. (“Company”) shall contribute to improving the public’s health, healthcare, and welfare in the spirit of respecting life, and at the same time, perform its business fairly and transparently. Based on the above, the Company shall provide global-level clinical services, promote drug discovery in Korea, and ultimately develop into a leader in the contract research organization (CRO) market.
To maintain trust as an ethical and transparent company, the Charter of Ethics is established for all employees to determine and do the right thing, and the entire company is pledged to practice the Charter of Ethics.

Chapter 1 Rightful Business

The Company shall perform clinical studies and research with the goal of developing and improving drugs to prevent and treat diseases, and respect the human rights of subjects. Furthermore, the Company shall maintain customer trust with rightful business which follows basics and principles, improve its value by maximizing its shareholders’ interests, comply with applicable laws and regulations in all regions where it operates, build trust with partners through fair methods and virtuous competition, and seek shared progress with all competitors.

  1. 1. Rightful Business and Fair Trade
    1. All transactions shall be made by legitimate and fair procedures, and the Company shall not engage in any unfair practice such as wrongful practice or collusion by taking advantage of its dominant position.
    2. In selecting and registering partners, the Company shall guarantee fair opportunities and reasonable conditions, and seek a collaborative relationship as a partner.
    3. The Company shall not take advantage of any competitor’s weakness or information unfairly, undermine free competition through any immoral practice, but shall seek mutual trust and shared progress through virtuous competition.
    4. The Company shall recognize that any partner’s progress also translates into its progress, fully support them so that they can ensure competitiveness and growth through continuous innovation, and establish a fair-trade atmosphere.
  2. 2. Partner Ethics
    1. Partners shall share growth and value, set an example for other companies, make efforts to maintain their reputation, and promote shared interests and growth as the Company’s partners.
    2. Partners shall perform their given work or jobs fairly and in good faith through legitimate procedures, comply with applicable laws and regulations related to work, and shall not engage in any immoral or unethical practice that can be condemned socially.
    3. Partners shall not engage in any practice that undermines trust such as criticizing other partners or spreading unfounded rumors.
    4. Partners shall protect the Company’s intellectual property, trade secrets, and equivalent business knowledge, and shall be prohibited from infringing on any of the foregoing. Furthermore, they shall not disclose any confidential information outside.
Chapter 2 Customer Orientation

The Company shall recognize that customers are its business base that grows together, always respect customers,
continuously create and provide value for customers, and live up to their expectations.

  1. 1. Customer Respect and Value Creation
    1. The Company shall keep any promise with customers and always do its best effort to facilitate communication.
    2. The Company shall provide the best quality and service so that customers realize its true value by satisfying and impressing them with its service, not simply providing service for its survival.
    3. The Company shall think of customers’ feedback as its basis for progress, accept their feedback and suggestions in an open-minded and active way, and make costumers a top priority in its judgment and behavior.
    4. The Company shall resolve customers’ complaints or disputes swiftly and reasonably, and treat every customer fairly.
    5. The Company shall seek its progress while continuously creating value that is helpful and impressive for customers.
  2. 2. Customer Privacy
    • The Company shall not use or disclose to any third party any customer information for purposes other than intended without the customer’s prior approval and shall protect the customer’s property and reputation.
Chapter 3 Employee Ethics

The Company’s employees shall establish the right view of value, which complies with basics and principles based on honesty and good faith. In addition, employees shall complete their given mission through constant self-development and innovation and perform all jobs transparently, fairly, and reasonably by prioritizing ethics as a top value.

  1. 1. Basic Ethics
    1. Employees shall always have an honest and fair attitude with pride and confidence, thinking that their behavior represents the Company.
    2. Employees shall base all their jobs on ethics, always establish a high ethical standard, and dedicate themselves to improving the honor of individuals and the Company.
    3. Employees shall collaborate beyond title or gender, form a humane solidarity relationship, and seek the progress of themselves and the Company.
  2. 2. Mission and Responsibility Awareness
    1. Employees shall share the Company’s mission and vision and perform their mission in good faith according to the Company’s goal and value through fair methods, not immoral or unfair methods.
    2. Employees shall be always aware of and comply with laws and the Company’s rules applicable to their work, remain fully committed to, and reasonably process their job.
    3. Employees shall perform their given job and work with their own judgment and behavior based on challenging and creative thinking, and take responsibility for its outcome.
    4. Employees shall predict and manage potential risk with transparent decision-making and job performance, and have a sense of responsibility for any problem that has occurred.
    5. Employees shall protect the Company’s intellectual property, trade secrets and equivalent business knowledge, and shall be prohibited from infringing on any of the foregoing. Furthermore, they shall not disclose any confidential information outside.
    6. Employees shall empathize with the Company’s shared goal and value, and continuously develop themselves to create better value.
  3. 3. Fair Job Performance and Sound Organizational Culture
    1. Employees shall strictly separate their personal life from work and shall not engage in any behavior that undermines the Company’s interests with personal emotions.
    2. Employees shall perform their job fairly under their given authority and responsibility, and shall not abuse, fabricate, or exaggerate their authority for personal gain.
    3. In performing their job, employees shall neither engage in any behavior violating legal order and commercial trade order or any immoral behavior, nor receive any form of monetary profit or convenience that interferes with performing their job fairly.
    4. The Company shall respect individuals’ creativity, provide fair competition opportunities equally, and ensure a place of self-actualization, while employees shall respect each other and shall neither engage in any disrespectful or slanderous behavior, nor spread unfounded rumors.
    5. Employees shall not discriminate against others based on any reason not related to work such as blood relations, personal connections, and academic connections, establish a private organization to harm the company, or engage in any behavior that undermines organizational culture.
    6. The superior shall not order his/her subordinate to do any personal job not related to work or perform an unfair task, and no employee shall engage in inappropriate language or violence, which undermines good practices or coworker relationships, and shall not engage in any form of sexual harassment, which humiliates another person sexually.
    7. Employees shall mutually respect privacy, form a consensus where they can express suggestions, proposals, and issues, and make a better and more harmonious organizational culture.
Chapter 4 Responsibility for Country and Society

The Company has the responsibility to generate profits through continuous growth and development as an entity that contributes to improving the public’s health and humanity’s quality of life and developing the country’s economy and local community by not only providing services to the market but also conducting reasonable corporate activities.

  1. 1. Social Responsibility and Obligation
    1. The Company shall recognize that corporate social responsibility is a voluntary social contribution and volunteering, and actively contribute to the development of the local community and culture.
    2. The Company shall not only comply with applicable laws in Korea and around the world but also honor agreements, declarations, and norms about the common values of humanity such as anti-corruption, human rights, and the environment.
    3. The Company shall root out the immoral and unethical practices that undermine sound and fair business operations, and fulfill its tax and other obligations assigned by the central or local government.
    4. The Company shall actively cooperate for the country’s public health and healthcare policy, and devote itself to improving public health, healthcare, and welfare.
Chapter 1 Generals
  • Article 1 Purpose
  • Article 2 Definitions
  • Article 3 Applicability
Chapter 2 Fair Job Performance
  • Article 4 General Principles
  • Article 5 Compliance with Compliance Mangement System
  • Article 6 No Budget Use for Purposes Other than Intended
  • Article 7 No Preferential Treatment
Chapter 3 No Unfair Profit
  • Article 8 Money and Gift
  • Article 9 Entertainment and Hospitality
  • Article 10 Unfair Practice by Title or Position
  • Article 11 Borrowing Movable or Immovable Property
  • Article 12 No Other Unfair Practice
Chapter 4 Sound Business Atmosphere
  • Article 13 No Personal Use or Profiting from the Company's Asset
  • Article 14 Monetary Transaction between Employees
  • Article 15 No Sexual Harassment in Workplace
  • Article 16 No Bullying in Workplace
  • Article 17 External Activity
  • Article 18 No Dual Position in Other Companies/Organizations
Chapter 5 Transparency in Information and Financial Management
  • Article 19 Acquisition and Management of Internal Information
  • Article 20 Information Security
  • Article 21 Transparent Accounting
Chapter 6 Action against Violation
  • Article 22 Operating and Rewarding of Violation Report System
  • Article 23 Compliance and Disciplinary Action
  • Article 24 Others

 LSK Global Pharma Services Co., Ltd. shall establish and declare its compliance policy in an aim to pursue the human health and happiness realization through the development of good pharmaceutical products with the values of Reliable CRO, Technically Advanced CRO, Ethical & Transparent CRO, Quality Oriented Full Service CRO, and CRO going Global with Competitive Service Delivery.

  1. 1. All executives and employees shall do the best to fulfill compliance obligations in the conduct of the job.
  2. 2. All executives and employees shall endeavor to apply the compliance policy and the achievement of compliance obligations to the work process.
  3. 3. All executives and employees shall continue to operate, develop and improve compliance management system in order to establish and achieve compliance objectives at the level of a compliance function.
  4. 4. All executives and employees shall report to Company any violations of the compliance without tolerating it immediately, if detected. Company shall keep the confidentiality of a whistleblower and protect the right of the whistleblower.
  5. 5. Company shall create the culture and the working environment to ensure that all executives and employees implement its compliance policy and compliance management system and offer them the related training.
  6. 6. Company shall disclose and communicate this policy to incorporate the changes of the environment and the compliance requests of stakeholders.
  7. 7. Compliance Officer shall have an independent and autonomous responsibility and authority in connection with compliance and be obliged to provide and supervise advice and guidance about the related issues and report to the governing body.

If the executives and employees commit any violation against this policy and obligations, Company shall take an appropriate action according to Company rules.

President of LSK Global Pharma Services Co., Ltd.
Young-Jack Lee

 LSK Global Pharma Services Co., Ltd. establishes and declares the anti-bribery policy to pursue the health and happiness of humankind through the development of high quality medicinal products based on the value of <LSK core value, Reliable CRO, Technically Advanced CRO, Ethical &Transparent CRO, Quality Oriented Full Service CRO, CRO going Global with Competitive Service Delivery>.

  1. 1. Executives and staff members achieve the zero (0) bribery incidence as our anti-bribery goal with active participation.
  2. 2. All domestic and international anti-bribery-related laws and company policy applicable to the organization should be followed and the zero tolerance principle for bribery shall be applied.
  3. 3. The organization continuously operate and develop the anti-bribery management system to achieve the anti-bribery objective.
  4. 4. CEO authorize and guarantee independence to the anti-briery compliance function in relation to anti-bribery activities.
  5. 5. In case of a violation of anti-bribery laws or regulations, all executives and staff members should immediately report it to the organization.
    The organization shall maintain confidentiality of the identifiable information of the informant and guarantee rights of the informant.

In case executives and staff members violate this policy, the organization will take an appropriate action according to the company policy.

LSK Global Pharma Services Co., Ltd.
Young-Jack Lee

LSK Global PS Whistle Blowing System

  • Violation of all laws, Charter of Ethics, Code of Conduct, and Compliance Management System by executives and employees
  • Unreasonable instructions or coercion from superiors that require unethical or illegal actions
  • Retaliatory actions such as personnel disadvantage, unfair treatment, and threats for legitimate reporting activities
  • Illegal business practices and financial irregularities
  • Other illegal and unethical matters
  • Concealing, aiding or hindering the reporting of the above violations
97 Toegye-Ro, Coryo Daeyungak Tower 16th Fl. Jung-Gu, Seoul 04535 Korea, LSK Global PS, S&RM Dept.
02)2014-9688, 9735
Reports of violations can be made either anonymously or with your identity disclosed. However, for anonymous reports, please include objective evidence to verify the facts.
The S&RM department ensures the confidentiality of the report and the identity of the whistleblower, and no information will be disclosed without the whistleblower's consent. We protect whistleblowers from any form of retaliation, such as discrimination or adverse changes in working conditions, as a result of reporting or submitting information. However, submitting false reports can result in disciplinary action or defamation charges in accordance with company regulations.