Academic Research Service

Academic Research Service

Academic Research Service(ARS) provides the best quality service from research planning, development to publication based on scientific integrity that complies with global standards.

Academic Research Service (ARS)

LSK Global PS Academic Research Service (ARS) provides professional services such as study designing, data management, statistical analysis, publication, statistical consulting that are crucial in pharmaceutical and medical academic research. Adapting advanced technologies into research, LSK Global PS ARS also supports our investigators to maintain the scientific and objectivity in the research for the outstanding research achievement.

- Experience
30+ years of experience in pharmaceutical and medical research conducting government and sponsored projects, our professionals well understand your unmet needs and provide excellent academic consulting service.
- Research Partnership
Utilizing the experience and the expertise of LSK Global PS, we provide an academic business model that provides a network with pharmaceutical and medical researchers and research institutions that will continuously aid your research area.

Service Track & Service Scope

Research Project Service Track

  • Providing partial and full statistical service from Research Concept development to publications.
  • Enhancement of research efficiency and transparency by using certified EDC system and complying with pre-planned statistical analysis procedures
  • 01

    Study Concept Development

  • 02
    Research Proposal Development

    Statistical Study Design Statistical Hypothesis Setting Sample Size Calculation Randomization Statistical Analysis Plan

  • 03

    Certified EDC system use.

    * Application of adequate system based on the study type and study grant.

  • 04

    SAP Development Statistical Analysis Statistical Analysis Report Writing

    * SAP : Statistical Analysis Plan

  • 05

    Manuscript Writing Revision Request Support

Provides statistical study design development, statistical analysis plan, and manuscript writing support complying with global guidelines.
LSK professionals support for clinical trial design development, clinical operation monitoring, and eCRF development.

Types of Study Grant
  • Government Funded Study
  • Academic Association / Society Funded Research
  • Private Company Funded Research
  • Investigator’s Own Funded Research
Types of Study
  • Clinical Trial Study
  • Prospective Observational Study
  • Retrospective Observational Study
  • Cross Sectional Study

Institution Service Membership Track

Provides on-demand statistical consulting solutions and educations to investigators during the research.
* This membership track service will need the pre-coordination for provision.

Statistical Consulting
  • Regular visit or teleconference consulting
  • Study design, method of statistical analysis, manuscript writing support consulting
Statistical Education
  • Education provided to investigators (F2F or teleconference)
  • Study plan document and Manuscript writing, Sample size calculation, Test for group comparison, Regression analysis, Survival analysis and etc.